We design richly colored surfaces to create the spaces of your dreams. Walls and accessories take on a modernist look with the help of digital technologies. In addition to wallpaper, we can apply our surface designs to various materials such as leather, fabric, metal, wood, porcelain and ceramics in desired sizes and layouts. Our team continues to develop and offer you our range of products and surfaces.


Custom Design Wallpapers

Our designs are proportioned and applied to fit the dimensions of your wall.


Please contact us or visit our showroom to learn more about designmixer’s custom design wallpapers.




Digitally Printed Glazed



You can safely use designmixer’s custom printed wall-ceramics on wet surfaces such as SPA, bathroom, and kitchen.


Please contact us for more information on the design, delivery and pricing of custom-designed decorative wall-ceramics!.





Designmixer’s decorative wall panels can be applied on a wide variety of materials. The panels can also be reinterpreted as wall-mount decorative art objects.

Material options for Decorative Walls: Canvas Fabric (stretched on hoop), Various metals, Wood, Plexiglass. Please feel free to contact Designmixer Design Team for our personalized design consultancy services.


*Hand-painted metal and digital print options are only available on canvas. Other materials are only digitally printed.


Please contact us for more information on the design, delivery and pricing of custom-designed decorative panels.




We will be happy to help you create the spaces of your dream


With a particular focus on interior projects specially designed by architects, we can prepare consultancy -and application- oriented presentations on surface designs including materials, patterns, and colors. For our consultancy services, you can visit our Showroom at the adressistanbul Decoration Center or make an appointment by phone.

Please contact us for more information






Begin the most beautiful transformations from your living spaces using Designmixer’s trendy color, design, and combination recommendations for the year 2021.


Key to 2021 trends: the osculation of positive, vibrant colors and the harmony of soft, natural colors with organic details.


Minimalist space approaches that exuberate with meticulously picked details.





designmixer Blog

Signature Collection

İlhamını kültürler arası tasarım etkileşimlerinden ve zengin tasarım tarihinden alan Designmixer markası, yeni sezonda SIGNATURE Collection adını verdiği  Türk Dekoratif Sanatları ve Uzakdoğu tasarım elementlerini bir araya getirdiği yeni koleksiyonu ile farklı ve etkileyici bir dekorasyon tarzına imzasını  atıyor. 

Designmixer at home

Turkish Interior Design magazine Marie Claire Maison was at Tijen Samuray Oztek’ s home in March issue. Designmixer’ s Eclectic & Colonial living style is being reflected to the whole interiors and walls…

Orman Terapi

Orman Banyosu ya da daha yaygın kullanım şekliyle Orman Terapi, Japonya’da 1982’den beri kullanılan bir koruyucu tıp uygulaması. Budistlerin şifa pratiklerinden esinlenilerek ortaya çıkmış bir iyileşme yöntemi. Orijinal ismi ise Shinrin Yoku. Japon Hükümeti tarafından resmen tanınmış olması dışında Japonya’da bir çok orman ve orman yolu da terapi üssü ilan edilmiş. Nehirlerin, ağaçların, kısaca doğadaki her şeyin bir ruhu olduğuna inan Japonlara, orman terapiyi inceledikçe fazlasıyla hak vereceksiniz.

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